Every moment has two sides, the seen and the unseen. In every photo we see the pose, scenery, and the expressions with our eyes, but I have always been interested in the unseen...the natural.

I started taking pictures several years back just for fun as most people do. I remember taking hundreds of photos and somewhere in the mix there was always that one shot that seemed to capture a moment perfectly. It was almost cinematic. I wanted to better myself and become a good enough photographer so that I could capture that perfect moment instantly (without taking dozen of photos to do so!).

I asked every question I could to every photographer I knew (yes, I am sure they became annoyed) and read every book and article I could get my hands on. Once I learned to let the camera functions serve me, I found myself one step closer to mastering my craft. Truth is, I don't think I will ever, nor do I really want to reach that point where I know everything about photography. Instead, I want it to constantly amaze and intrigue me as I serve everyone that allows me to take part in their special moment.

That is what Blue Dahlia Photography is all about...the moment. Planning is a part of life and that is wonderful, but rest assured that after you're finished I will be there to seize the moment so that it lives on forever. That is my ongoing commitment to you. I look forward to seeing you through the lens.

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